Russia: Putin simplifies Russian citizenship procedures with new laws

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Russian President Vladimir Putin recently signed new laws focused on citizenship, streamlining procedures for obtaining Russian citizenship.

The laws include an amendment stipulating that foreigners who serve in the Russian army can be granted citizenship.

Putin Signs New Citizenship Laws: Streamlining Procedures and Criteria

Additionally, the requirement for the foreign second party's consent in a mixed marriage with Russian citizens, particularly concerning the grant of Russian citizenship to a child born from such a mixed marriage, has been excluded.

Withdrawal of Citizenship and New Criteria

The new legislation introduces the withdrawal of Russian citizenship from individuals involved in terrorist activities, serious crimes against the Russian state, acts threatening national security, defamation of the armed forces, and offenses related to drug trafficking and document forgery.

The laws establish a comprehensive framework to address citizenship issues, covering the procedures for the "oath of citizenship" required during the acquisition of Russian citizenship by foreign citizens.

Decree Details and Changes

The decree encompasses 173 pages of documents and forms related to Russian citizenship. Notably, the instructions and procedures that were effective before the adoption of the new Russian citizenship law are no longer applicable. The president retains exclusive power to accept citizenship on an exceptional basis. However, routine citizenship matters are delegated to the Russian Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Expanded Presidential Powers and Grounds for Termination

Simultaneously, the president's authority expands to determine categories of people eligible for simplified citizenship acquisition. The legislation broadens the list of grounds for terminating Russian citizenship, encompassing individuals who acquired citizenship upon request or are recognized as citizens based on federal constitutional law or international treaties. This list now includes, in addition to terrorist crimes, serious offenses against the state, and crimes related to drug trafficking.

These changes underscore Russia's commitment to a more streamlined and inclusive citizenship process while reinforcing stringent measures against those engaged in criminal and security-threatening activities.

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