‏Urgent UAE: Complaints about traffic violations were issued to drivers despite adhering to the maximum speed

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The mechanism for recording a violation of failing to yield to vehicles coming from behind in the fast overtaking lane at the far left of the road is unclear, according drivers. One of them revealed that he was eventually pulled over by a Dubai Police traffic patrol while driving his car in the final lane of Al Khail Street and given a violation. Even though he was travelling at the top permitted speed for the road plus a margin, they wouldn't let him through.

The Federal Traffic Law imposes a 400 dirham fine for failing to yield to oncoming or departing vehicles that have priority ("overtaking lane").

Drivers claimed to be aware of the need to drive in other slow lanes if they are going slower than the posted maximum speed of the road, but some claim to have experienced violations although walking at the allowed pace, which confused them.

A traffic source disagreed, saying, "The leftmost fast lane is for overtaking only, and no one should make the excuse that he is driving his car at the maximum speed, so no one has the right to force him to give way," adding, "This is a culture." Wrong, and the Dubai Police's General Traffic Department was eager to fix it by working with the Roads and Transport Authority to create campaigns that expressly address this issue, such as the campaign "give way to those coming from behind."

Ahmed Hashem explained in detail that he was driving his automobile on the left lane of Al Khail Road at a speed of 119 kilometres per hour, which was under the legal limit, with a margin of barely one kilometre, in order to avoid breaking the law for speeding.

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