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A recent analysis by the real estate website "Property Finder" looked at seven locations with affordable rental property. Deira, International City, Al Satwa, Al Qusais, Remraam, Dubai South, and Dubai Production City were among the places on the list.

"Deira" area

"Deira" area

According to the report, Dubai's "Deira" neighbourhood, renowned for its rich past, is home to the city's oldest commercial zone. It is one of the regions where housing and stability are most in demand because it is home to numerous prosperous residential communities and neighbourhoods, including "Saeed Port," "Naif," and "Raqqa Al-Bateen."

A "studio" in "Deira" rents for approximately 28 000 dirhams per year, a "one-bedroom apartment and a hall" for 46 000 dirhams, a "two-bedroom apartment and a hall" for 65 000 dirhams and a "three-bedroom apartment" for 95 000 dirhams.

"International City"

The neighbourhoods that make up Dubai's "International City" demonstrate the level of cultural diversity that the UAE is experiencing.

A studio apartment typically costs 23,450 thousand dirhams per year, whereas one-bedroom apartments cost 33 thousand, two-bedroom apartments cost 48 thousand, and three-bedroom apartments cost 100 thousand.

"Al Satwa" area

The Satwa neighbourhood was one of Dubai's best in terms of rental values, and prices there were tracked by the Property Finder report. Low-rise structures and upscale private villas give the area its distinctive architectural style.

A one-room apartment and a hall rent for an average of 70 thousand dirhams annually, a two-bedroom apartment and a hall for 90 thousand dirhams, and a "studio" apartment rents for 50 thousand dirhams annually.

Al Qusais area

One of the oldest neighbourhoods in Dubai is Al Qusais. It is distinguished by a multitude of residential complexes and low- and medium-rise buildings. Additionally, "residential" and "industrial" areas are separated.

A studio apartment in the area rents for roughly 29, 000 dirhams per year, a one-bedroom apartment and hall for 39, 000 dirhams, a two-bedroom apartment and hall for 48, 000 dirhams, and a three-bedroom apartment with hall for 60, 000 dirhams.

Remraam area

There are residential towers in both of the areas that make up Remraam. The majority of the neighbourhood is made up of opulent apartment buildings, making it better suited for families.

An apartment in "Remraam" with a "studio" is typically rented for about 34 thousand dirhams per year, a one-bedroom apartment with a hall is typically rented for 47 thousand dirhams, a two-bedroom apartment with a hall is typically rented for 76.5 thousand dirhams, and an apartment with three bedrooms and a hall is typically rented for 47 thousand dirhams. 1,15,000 dirhams.

"Dubai South"

One of the cities created to carry out Dubai's future vision is Dubai South. In addition to being close to Al Maktoum International Airport, it offers a multitude of cutting-edge services.

The typical annual rent for a "studio" in "Dubai South" is about 33 000 dirhams, for a "one-bedroom apartment and a hall" it's 48 000, for a "two-bedroom apartment and a hall" it's 70 000 and for a "two-bedroom apartment and a hall" it's 120 000.

"Dubai Production City"

Dubai Sports City is close by, and Dubai Production City is distinguished by being covered by the free investment law.

A studio apartment in the city typically costs 33 000 dirhams a year to rent, a one-bedroom apartment costs 48 000 dirhams, a two-room apartment costs 60 000 dirhams, and a three-room apartment costs 72 000 dirhams.

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