UAE Urges immediate Ceasefire and Civilian Protect in Israel-Palestine Conflict

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The Israeli Foreign Ministry has warned that Hamas rocket strikes on Israeli cities and towns constitute a dangerous escalation.

UAE Calls for Protection of Civilians and End to Violence

The Foreign Ministry of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has released a statement stressing the critical need for protecting people and ending the current bloodshed. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has voiced its grave worry over the recent rise in violence in the region and stressed the urgency of putting a stop to hostilities and protecting civilian populations.

Grave Escalation

The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the attacks by Hamas on Israeli towns and villages near the Gaza Strip, including the firing of thousands of rockets at populated areas. The ministry deemed these actions a grave escalation and expressed shock at reports of Israeli civilians being abducted from their homes. The statement emphasized that international humanitarian law must ensure the full protection of civilians on both sides, who should never be targeted during conflicts.

Condolences and Diplomatic Efforts

The United Arab Emirates expressed its condolences to the victims' families and called for further diplomatic efforts to prevent the outbreak of a larger war in the area. The ministry has expressed their regret over the deaths of Israelis and Palestinians and has asked both parties to lower tensions in order to avoid future violence and the potentially disastrous implications that it may have on people and infrastructure.

International Cooperation

The United Arab Emirates emphasized the significance of international cooperation in preventing acts of violence that might result in greater levels of instability and wider-reaching impacts, including the participation of other groups. In the face of violent attempts to undermine regional efforts for discussion, collaboration, and co-existence, the statement emphasized how important it is for the world community to work together.

Promoting Peace and Negotiations

The UAE affirmed its commitment to working closely with regional and international partners to swiftly de-escalate the situation and restore calm in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories. The ministry highlighted the importance of a return to negotiations for a final settlement based on the parameters of the two-state solution, allowing both Palestinians and Israelis to live in peace and dignity.

As The UAE's statement calls for an immediate end to violence, the protection of civilians, and a return to diplomatic efforts for a peaceful resolution. The UAE emphasizes the need for international cooperation to prevent further instability in the region and supports a negotiated settlement that ensures peaceful coexistence for all parties involved.

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