UAE launches Smart Land Crossing System on Al Ghuwaifat border

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Citizens and residents of the United Arab Emirates may now pass the Al Ghuwaifat border quickly and easily in their vehicles using the innovative new Smart Land Borders Crossing technology. as the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Ports Security (ICP) unveiled this invention to speed up the customs clearance procedure at the present Gitex Global show.

Vital Link to Saudi Arabia

The Al Ghuwaifat border is an important road crossing linking the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. Every month, hundreds of people from the UAE go to Saudi Arabia for various reasons, including Umrah, religious tourism, and family reunions. The introduction of this state-of-the-art technology will make trips to the neighboring nation not only simpler but also quicker.

Efficient Process

To use the Smart Land Borders Crossing system, vehicle owners must ensure their cars are registered under their names. The system functions by scanning the car's number plate and opening the initial barrier for the driver. In the subsequent step, individuals are required to scan their passports, Emirates ID, and provide biometric or facial recognition data. After verification by the ICP system, the second barrier will open, permitting motorists to exit the country.


In cases where the system fails to verify an individual, they will need to park their vehicle and follow the traditional route, involving immigration checks, to exit the country. Presently, the system accommodates a maximum of two individuals in a car, with ongoing plans to expand this capability to accommodate more passengers.

Expanding Beyond Al Ghuwaifat

While the Smart Land Borders Crossing system is presently live at the Al Ghuwaifat border, the next stage of the ambitious program will see it expanded to additional border crossings in the vicinity of Oman.

Gitex Global Technological Showcase

This introduction occurred at the Gitex Global exhibition, recognized as the world's largest technology exhibition, taking place at the Dubai World Trade Centre. Over 6,000 companies and startups are using this platform to present their latest products and innovations, further demonstrating the UAE's commitment to leveraging technology for the convenience and advancement of its citizens and residents.

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