UAE: pre-approved visa-on-arrival for eligible Indians, extension available

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Applying for a visa and navigating entry procedures can be daunting tasks for travelers, especially when heading to popular destinations like Dubai.

For Indians planning to visit Dubai via Emirates Airline, a pre-approved visa-on-arrival option adds a layer of convenience.

This program enables Indian passport holders with a valid US visa, green card, or EU/UK residency of at least six months to obtain a 14-day single-entry visa for $69 (Dh250).

What sets this pre-approved visa apart is its flexibility, as it can be extended once during the visit. The extension, facilitated by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA) in Dubai Airport Free Zone, involves a payment of Dh250. This flexibility offers a practical solution for travelers who may need a longer stay than initially planned.

One notable advantage of the pre-approved UAE visa is the ability to bypass queues upon arrival in Dubai. Unlike the traditional visa-on-arrival process, where travelers need to visit the Marhaba counter or bank for fee payment and receipt collection before proceeding to immigration, the pre-approved visa streamlines the entry process. This time-saving feature enhances the overall travel experience for those holding the pre-approved visa.

To initiate the application process, eligible travelers must apply for the pre-approved UAE visa between 60 and two days before their planned arrival date in Dubai. The application's processing by VFS Global complies with Emirates' requirements, ensuring a quick and easy process. It's important to note that VFS Global handles the non-judgmental and administrative aspects of the application, focusing on efficient processing.

For eligible Indians, the application journey begins with booking a flight through Emirates. Once the booking is secured, travelers can access the online UAE visa application site via Emirates' digital platforms. This site, powered by VFS Global Services, outlines the requirements, terms, and conditions for a hassle-free visa application process.

Moreover, the pre-approved UAE visa for Indians traveling to Dubai presents a convenient and efficient solution, allowing for a streamlined entry process, flexibility in stay duration, and a simplified application procedure through the collaboration of Emirates and VFS Global.

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