Three lucky winners get 100,000 Dirhams in Mahzooz Draw

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In this week's Mahzooz draw, a total of 129,536 winners celebrated their good fortune, collectively winning Dh1,929,015 in prizes. The draw's revamped prize structure continued to provide exciting opportunities for participants, with three lucky individuals claiming the coveted 'Triple 100' guaranteed raffle prize of Dh300,000 each. These fortunate winners held tickets with the following IDs: 39073217, 3896066, and 38940573.

Multiple Winners Celebrate as Dh20 Million Grand Prize Remains

While the grand prize of Dh20 million remained unclaimed this week, there was no shortage of winners in other categories. Participants securing the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th positions during the 149th draw rejoiced in their victories.

A total of 38 winners, who matched 4 out of 5 numbers, shared the second prize of Dh150,000, with each recipient taking home Dh3,947. Additionally, 1,827 winners who matched 3 out of 5 numbers also shared the second prize, earning Dh82 each.

A total of 23,022 people won a free Mahzooz line, worth Dh35 each, by matching 2 out of 5 numbers. The 104,649 winners who only matched 1 out of 5 numbers nevertheless received a prize of Dh5.

The original Dh1 million award has been eliminated, but winning the top prize of Dh20 million is still an exciting possibility. Participants who match all five numbers are eligible for the big prize, while those who match four or three out of five numbers are eligible to win Dh150,000 per week. Participants can win Dh35 if they match two numbers, and Dh5 if they match only one number.

In addition to these enticing prizes, three fortunate participants from the raffle draw have the chance to win a guaranteed prize of Dh100,000 each week. As The results of this exciting new prize structure will be announced on September 30, offering participants more chances to win and celebrate their good fortune.

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