UAE announces Job vacancies for citizens in Abu Dhabi Health Sector

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The Abu Dhabi Department of Health has announced the results of its Emiratization objectives in healthcare institutions for the years 2024–2025: the creation of 3,800 new jobs for nationals.

Abu Dhabi's health industry has recruited more than 1,200 men and women in the last six months. Healthcare facilities in the emirate are being encouraged by the administration to achieve Emiratization targets among their administrative and health staff.

Emphasizing the need for compliance with planned empowerment goals, the department outlined an annual increase of 1% for the healthcare workforce and a 2% annual increase for the administrative workforce. The department, as the regulatory body for the healthcare sector in Abu Dhabi, is committed to supporting all facilities to achieve the target and increase the proportion of qualified national medical personnel, reinforcing Abu Dhabi’s global leadership in healthcare.

To facilitate Emiratization efforts, the department introduced an "Emiratization Index," classifying health personnel into four categories based on Emiratization percentages. These categories range from (A) with over 10% Emiratization to (D) with less than 1% Emiratization.

Health facilities are encouraged to register on government platforms like "Tamm," "Nafs," and "Kawader" to benefit from services related to job seekers and publish available job positions. The department also urged citizens seeking work in health facilities to register on government employment websites, emphasizing that December 30 is the deadline for achieving the goals of the first phase of emancipation.

The department is collaborating closely with healthcare providers in the emirate to raise emigration rates in medical professions and administrative staff, aligning with the emigration agenda for the health workforce. The Emiratization rates apply to all licensed health facilities, irrespective of type or workforce size. The targeted emiratization rates for health professionals and administrators are calculated through the department's health professionals licensing system and the "Tamm" system.

To ensure compliance, the department follows a mechanism involving stages such as renewing facility licenses, granting new licenses, renewing Thiqa insurance contracts, approving Thiqa insurance contracts, and conducting audit and inspection visits. In July of the previous year, the department set Emiratization targets to provide 5,000 new job opportunities for national cadres in healthcare facilities until the end of 2025.

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