UAE fines 50 companies and 5 social media accounts for illegal recruitment

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A UAE authority has initiated legal proceedings against 55 entities in 2023, five of which are social media accounts, on the grounds that they engaged in unauthorized recruitment and mediation without the proper authorizations from the ministry.

In 2023, 55 entities, including 5 social media accounts, faced repercussions from a UAE authority for their involvement in unauthorized recruitment and mediation activities. The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation took action against these violators, applying penalties such as fines, restrictions on ministry records, and referral to the Public Prosecution. The social media accounts were subsequently blocked.

The law in the UAE strictly prohibits the recruitment or temporary employment of domestic workers without the necessary permit from the ministry. Violators of this regulation could be subject to imprisonment for no less than a year and fines ranging from Dh200,000 to Dh1 million.

Khalil Al Khoori, Undersecretary for Human Resources Affairs at MoHRE, emphasized the ministry's commitment to enforcing legal measures and penalties against companies engaging in such activities without proper licensing.

To identify potential violations in the job market, the ministry employs inspection systems that monitor promotional and advertising campaigns, including those circulated on social media platforms. Additionally, inspection visits are conducted to suspected companies to detect unlawful practices, with cases of violation being referred to the Public Prosecution.

Residents are advised to ensure that entities offering employment or mediation services have obtained permits from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation before engaging with them to avoid falling victim to fraudulent activities. In the event of any violations, individuals are encouraged to report such instances of illegal recruitment practices to the ministry's call center at 600590000 or via the MoHRE smart application.

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