UAE: A foreign resident was sentenced to a fine of 12 thousand dirhams as compensation for insulting others

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A Gulf man was ordered to pay 12,000 dirhams to a Gulf family as compensation for the material, moral, and psychological damages they suffered as a result of the defendant cursing its members with obscene words. Additionally, the defendant was obligated to pay the fees, expenses, and attorney's fees associated with the lawsuit. The ruling was handed down by the Ras Al Khaimah Civil Court of First Instance.

In a detailed complaint, the two plaintiffs stated that the defendant cursed and insulted the family. He described the first plaintiff, who was the husband, using profane language that brought shame upon him. Additionally, he insulted the second plaintiff, who was the wife, as well as their two children who were under the age of eight. As a result of the two plaintiffs filing a complaint against the defendant, the defendant was referred to the Misdemeanor Court in Ras Al Khaimah. The court tried him in absentia, and the verdict became final because there was no appeal.

In addition to the moral damage they endured as a result of the damage to their reputation and social status, as well as the sadness and pain they felt as a result of the insult, the case papers stated that the plaintiffs incurred material damages. These material damages were represented by the expenses of filing the complaint, following up and photographing the case papers, their attendance at the investigations conducted by the Public Prosecution, and the expenses of hiring a lawyer to defend them. As a result of the fact that the defendant was found guilty of committing the act that caused them to incur losses, the defendant claims that he is responsible for those damages.

Therefore, they are requesting that the defendant be required to pay them compensation for the material, moral, and psychological damages that they have suffered, as well as for the profits that they have lost as a result of what the defendant has done to them. Additionally, they are demanding that the defendant be obligated to pay the fees and expenditures associated with the litigation, as well as the attorney's fees.

There was a causal relationship between the harm that befell the family and the act that was attributed to the defendant, which was that he was criminally convicted for it. The court found that the defendant's insult to the plaintiffs and their two children caused irreparable moral harm, which was represented by the abuse they felt and the harm they felt to the dignity of the family, as well as the sadness expressed by the members of the family as a result of the defendant's mistake.

The court issued a ruling that required the defendant to pay the first plaintiff, in his capacity as natural guardian, to his two minor children and to the second plaintiff, a sum of twelve thousand dirhams, as compensation for the material and moral damage that they suffered. Additionally, the court ordered the defendant to pay the fees and expenses associated with the lawsuit, as well as the attorney's fees.

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