The emirates issues a warning about a new criminal method of stealing and buying cars

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The Sharjah Police General Command has issued a warning to members of the community who use websites that specialize in the buying and selling of automobiles, advising them to be wary of fraud and fraudulent operations that are carried out with the intention of stealing. It takes the shape of certain trolls employing a new form of criminal activity that is dependent on the depositing of counterfeit checks in automated teller machines on weekends or holidays. official; Taking advantage of the halt of financial operations in banking and financial institutions; They deceive their victims into finishing their deals, just to have them be astonished when they become the victims of fraud and theft.

The Sharjah Police reported that several reports had been received by the criminal investigation and investigation agencies, about some people being defrauded by some perpetrators. The perpetrators communicated with car sellers in the country through websites that specialise in buying and selling cars during official holidays, according to the report made by the Sharjah Police.

warning about a new criminal method of stealing and buying cars in UAE
buying cars

warning about a new criminal method of stealing and buying cars in UAE

As soon as the seller receives a text message from the bank stating that "a check has been deposited for the agreed upon amount," the fraudster deposits a fake check into the seller's (victim's) account for the amount of the vehicle through the ATM, disguised so that bank surveillance cameras do not recognise him. This occurs after the fraudster has finished the initial process of purchasing the vehicle. As a result of this, and the fact that the process of collecting the deposit is currently underway, the latter finishes all of the sales procedures and delivers the vehicle (to the fraudster) before finishing the process of receiving the money. He then realises that he is a victim of financial fraud and that his vehicle has been stolen.

In order to maintain comprehensive and long-term safety, the Sharjah Police Department issued an appeal to the community, urging its members to exercise extreme caution in order to avoid falling prey to fraudulent commercial activities and to maintain a heightened state of awareness regarding such schemes.

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