The National Employment Fair in the UAE provides jobs for job seekers with a salary of 21 thousand dirhams

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Many entities participated in the National Employment Exhibition in the Emirates, where it was announced that jobs would be provided to job seekers with a salary of 21 thousand dirhams, and the provision of many employment benefits and many jobs with distinctive salaries.

Those in search of work in the Emirates can find opportunities at the National Employment Fair, where starting salaries average 21,000 dirhams.

At the National Employment Exhibition held in the Emirates, which featured participation from a large number of organizations, it was stated that jobs would be supplied to job searchers with a wage of 21,000 dirhams, in addition to the supply of a large number of employment advantages and a large number of jobs with different pay.

Government and private agencies provide job opportunities for recent graduates with “employment benefits” in the Emirates

In the Emirates, both public and commercial organizations collaborate to offer young college grads "employment benefits" in the form of job possibilities, The 25th edition of the National Employment Exhibition was hosted by Expo Sharjah, and the participating institutions opted to provide opportunities to young people and recent graduates who are looking for work in a variety of disciplines. It should be noted that the jobs are open to candidates with degrees lower than that of a university.

Providing job opportunities at the National Employment Fair in the Emirates that do not require experience

At the National Employment Fair in the Emirates, providing work chances that do not require applicants to have previous experience, There are jobs that have been offered that do not require experience, in addition to the fact that salaries start at 6,000 dirhams, in addition to the "Nafis" salary, which starts at 5,000 dirhams for those with non-university qualifications, and 7,000 dirhams for those with certificates, as explained by representatives of companies participating through the platform provided by the Sharjah Government Human Resources Department. University, in addition to banking jobs beginning at 21,000 dirhams, excluding positions known as "Nafis." The Executive Vice President of the National Bank of Ras Al Khaimah, Sultan Khalifa Al Ali, added that the jobs offered exceed 50 jobs in various specializations. He emphasized that the "Nafis" program has greatly benefited them, particularly in attracting young citizens, particularly graduates. He also pointed out that a large percentage of young citizens have been employed through employment fairs in various emirates of the country.

The “NAFES” program encourages graduates to join the private sector

Graduates are encouraged to find employment in the private sector through participation in the "NAFES" program, The participants at the exhibition explained that the "Nafis" program was of tremendous use to the private sector in attracting young citizens, particularly graduates, because it encouraged them to join the private sector, after they had fears about working in it, and to prefer the government sector more. This was because it pushed them to join the private sector after they had graduated from school, which had previously been their preference.

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