The Emirates provides exceptional services to Barakatna card holders, both citizens and expatriates

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The United Arab Emirates has announced the provision of exceptional services to Barakatna card holders, citizens and expatriates in the country. The Barakatna card includes benefits, services, and priority for completing transactions, and so far there are 19,000 beneficiaries of the “Barakatna” card for senior citizens in Abu Dhabi.

Holders of the Barakatna card, whether they are nationals or expats, are entitled to an amazing range of services from the Emirates.

The United Arab Emirates has made public an announcement that citizens and foreign residents of the country who are holders of the Barakatna card would be eligible for special services. There are currently 19,000 beneficiaries of the "Barakatna" card for senior citizens in Abu Dhabi. This card provides elderly residents with access to a variety of perks and services, as well as priority when it comes to completing transactions.

Our Barakatna card contributes to providing a better life for citizens and foreign residents

The Barakatna card that we offer helps to improve living conditions for both native-born citizens and permanent residents from other countries, The Department of Community Development in Abu Dhabi has confirmed the registration of more than 19,000 beneficiaries of the "Barakatna" card. This card was launched by the Family Development Foundation for the category of senior citizens, residents, and others like them, under the slogan "Senior in experience and senior in giving," and it has been noted that there are 34 entities that support the card. The Department of Community Development in Abu Dhabi has also confirmed that there are 34 entities that support the card.

Who can get a Barakatna card in the UAE?

Who in the UAE is eligible to apply for a Barakatna card? "Barakatna" is an electronic card that is granted to the category of senior citizens and residents (60 years of age and over) registered in the database of the Family Development Foundation. This card includes all of the services and facilities provided by governmental and semi-governmental agencies in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi to the category of senior citizens and the like, in addition to the benefits and services of the "Fazaa" card. » Senior folks, in particular, as well as inhabitants, generally, will receive this service.

Services that Barakatna card holders receive in the Emirates

Services available to cardholders in the Emirates that use the Barakatna program, The services provided by the "Barakatna" card include giving card holders priority in government agencies to complete their transactions, informing senior citizens of the services provided by government, semi-governmental, and private agencies participating in the card through the booklet attached to the card and the smart application, which will facilitate their access to services, and providing all of the services, facilities, and features that It is provided to the category of senior citizens.

The advantages that the Barakatna Card offers to its holders in the Emirates

The privileges and benefits that are available to those who own a Barakatna Card in the Emirates, The Foundation emphasized its goal to provide aspects of social, health, psychological, and recreational care in a manner that ensures the integration of this important segment into society, and provides a safe and stable life for them, while also noting its constant keenness to reduce the burdens on senior citizens by facilitating their access to services and providing all aspects of integrated social care for this group. Because they are the source of a family's good fortune and an essential component of the social fabric of Emirati society, they constitute a significant segment of the population and are the focus of efforts to enhance their quality of life and expand their opportunities for civic participation.

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