The Chairman of the UAE Cybersecurity Council identifies 5 measures to protect against electronic fraud

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The Chairman of the Cybersecurity Council in the United Arab Emirates announced the identification of 5 important measures that must be taken to protect against electronic fraud.

The Chairman of the Cybersecurity Council of the United Arab Emirates has identified five preventative steps to prevent cyber fraud.

It was revealed by the Chairman of the Cybersecurity Council in the United Arab Emirates that there have been identified 5 significant steps that need to be implemented in order to safeguard against electronic fraud.

Cybersecurity identifies preventive measures that protect individuals from “electronic phishing”

Individuals can be protected from "electronic phishing" by using the preventative measures that are identified through cybersecurity, Dr. Muhammad Hamad Al-Kuwaiti, Chairman of the Cybersecurity Council of the UAE government, advised that individuals can defend themselves from falling prey to the perils of electronic phishing by implementing the following five preventative measures: Not disclosing any private personal information that can be used to identify the person, pointing out that official institutions will never request such information, and the preventive measures recommended by the Council include the following: not opening any attachments from previously unknown sources, using programs to protect against cyber attacks, updating all software periodically, constantly changing passwords, and using double security keys.

Cybersecurity explains the method of electronic fraud using messages

The use of messages as part of an electronic fraud scheme is explained by cybersecurity, The Cybersecurity Council described electronic phishing as malicious messages that aim to arouse the feelings of the user in order to compel the user, whether this user is a general audience or a specific individual, to click on a specific link. This definition applies whether the user in question is a broad audience or a specific person. When this user clicks on the link, he immediately falls victim to the hacker's scheme and becomes... As a result of him being the target of unwarranted interest and intrusion, he leaves himself and his company vulnerable to danger and exploitation.

UAE Cyber Security warns of the danger of phishing emails

Phishing emails are a threat, according to the UAE Cyber Security Agency, The Council issued a warning against the practice of electronic phishing, in which a "hacker" attempts to trick a user into downloading hazardous software by sending them a bogus message that includes a link to download the software. If the user does not pay close attention to the content of this message, and opens it, or clicks on the attachments that are contained in it, then he faces a major problem that may end with his money being stolen, his organization being hacked, or even his reputation being destroyed, because he no longer has control over the computer that he uses. In point of fact, it's possible that he is completely unaware that a hacker has taken command of the equipment he owns.

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