Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Urges for UAE Flag Raising on November 3

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Although not a national holiday, the United Arab Emirates celebrates Flag Day annually on November 3 by flying the national flag at a variety of public locations.

UAE Flag Day Tradition

Vice President and Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum issued a decree on November 3 commemorating the eleventh Flag Day of the United Arab Emirates. At 10 a.m., people all over the United Arab Emirates will gather for flag-raising ceremonies.

Sheikh Mohammed's Message

In a statement shared on a prominent social media platform, Sheikh Mohammed emphasized the significance of Flag Day, encouraging all residents to participate in the national initiative. He referred to Flag Day as a moment to elevate the flag with unity and celebrate the country's achievements and union.

Flag Symbolism

The four bright colors that make up the UAE national flag each stand for something important to the country. The color green on the flag represents renewal, growth, success, and wealth. Black represents mental fortitude and victory over one's foes, while white represents tranquility and openness. Last but not least, the color red is associated with boldness, strength, and fortitude.

Flag Day History

Flag Day in the UAE has been celebrated since 2013, serving as a testament to the country's unity and its citizens' devotion to their nation. Although it is not a public holiday, the event fosters a sense of national pride and unity among both Emiratis and expatriates. On Flag Day, the flag is proudly raised at various locations, including offices, schools, parks, and other public places across the UAE.

The annual observance of Flag Day plays a crucial role in reaffirming the country's strong and prosperous position on the global stage. It is a day when residents come together to express their love and loyalty to the UAE and commemorate its rich history and remarkable achievements.

The UAE flag, with its symbolic colors, serves as a powerful emblem of the country's core values and unwavering commitment to peace, progress, and unity. This national celebration underlines the importance of the flag as a unifying symbol and source of pride for all who call the UAE home.

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