UAE: Abu Dhabi Police announce traffic ban during this time

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Today, the Abu Dhabi Police Department made the announcement on Facebook that a traffic accident had occurred.

Today, the Abu Dhabi Police Department made the statement on their Facebook page that during rush hour, some categories of vehicles would be subject to a traffic limit. The news was made by the Abu Dhabi Police Department.

The authority made the announcement on Monday, November 13, that there would be a traffic restriction in place during the morning rush hour from 6.30 am to 9 am and during the evening rush hour from 3 pm to 6 pm. These times span the morning and evening rush hours, respectively.

A total prohibition on the operation of any and all heavy vehicles on public roads will go into effect for the duration of this time period. This will be implemented on the Suihan Road that leads into Shwamakh via Sheikh Maktoum Bin Rashid Street and will continue all the way up to the "Maffah" truck bridge in both directions.

Large truck drivers have been asked by the authorities to use the detour that runs from Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Street to the Zayed Military Roundabout, then travels Al-Adla Road to Al-Rawdah (which is also known as the Abu Dhabi - Al Ain Truck Road). This route is also known as the Abu Dhabi - Al Ain Truck Road.

During the morning and evening rush hours in the United Arab Emirates, the police have stated that they would be restricting traffic on critical highways.

The authorities have made arrangements to provide vehicles with an alternate route.

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