The UAE issues a new decision to provide job opportunities

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In collaboration with the Land Department, the Emirates Human Resources Development Council in Dubai and the Emirates Competitiveness Council signed a memorandum of understanding to support the employment of citizens in the private sector and provide them with job opportunities in various strategic sectors, beginning with the real estate sector.

Engineer Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansouri, Chairman of the Emirates Human Resources Development Council, stated that collaboration with the Emirates Competitiveness Council and the "NAFES" programme aims to facilitate residents' employment and provide them with professional prospects.

He stated that the private real estate industry will be the first to benefit from the accord.

He continued, "The partnership with the UAE Emiratisation Competitiveness Council and the Department is part of enabling the future of Emiratisation in the private real estate sector in Dubai."

Ghanam Al Mazrouei, Secretary General of the Emirates Competitiveness Council, emphasised the Council's eagerness to strengthen cooperation with its strategic partners from local and federal government agencies and private sector companies, particularly given the Council's success in supporting and increasing the rates of nationalisation of the private sector in all emirates of the country.

Number of workers in the private sector

He stated that the number of citizens working in the private sector has surpassed 81 thousand, including nearly 52 thousand citizens who have joined it since the launch of "Nafis," and more than 28 thousand citizens who have joined private work since the beginning of this year, and the number of companies that employ citizens has surpassed 17 thousand.

Last August, the total number of citizens receiving monthly financial assistance programme payments surpassed 61,000. He explained that the memorandum contributes to the efficiency and competitiveness of Dubai citizens working in the private sector by effectively utilising the Council's initiatives and programmes, as well as encouraging citizens to visit the "Nafes" platform to register and nominate in qualification and training programmes.

Sultan Butti bin Mejren, Director General of the Land Department, emphasised the importance of empowering young Emirati cadres in strategic work sectors in the Emirate of Dubai, particularly the real estate sector, which is growing in importance as a main foundation and catalyst for all other economic sectors.

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