Urgent.. The Mall of the Emirates now accepts payments via WhatsApp chats

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The Mall of the Emirates in Dubai has announced a new function that will make buying a lot easier by letting people buy things through the WhatsApp programme. This will take away the work, time, and stress of going to the mall to shop and buy different things.

The new "Digital Concierge" service launched by the Mall of the Emirates in the capital "Dubai" is one of the most important digital signals of transition with the digital society and the remarkable development in many industries in the UAE.

Given the vast number of goods and items available, in addition to the world-famous designs available at the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai, which includes over 350 designers and many other companies.

Mall of the Emirates
Shopping in Mall of the Emirates

Shopping in Mall of the Emirates

And you can now quickly shop using the WhatsApp app to obtain a simple shopping experience and see all the designs of the most famous international brands such as Gucci, Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Harvey Nichols, Zara, and others.

This new approach is intended to contribute to reaching a greater proportion of the audience with the click of a button, coinciding with the blurring of lines between online and personal buying, and will make the shopping process substantially easier.

Customers can use this feature to place an order through a simplified WhatsApp conversation, request the products they want, and after completing the purchase process, their purchases will be delivered directly to their doorstep within a few hours, saving time and effort spent while shopping in this manner. traditional.

In a related vein, the General Manager of Shopping Centres in the Emirates stated that the new system, which has already gone into effect, has increased the level of offers and purchases through the digital concierge service, which allows customers to shop from their favourite brands from the comfort of their own homes.

It is also stated that the business has assigned a designer to revamp your wardrobe, and customers can select their favourite designer and package in order to have a personal consultation and a highly unique and unusual shopping experience.

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