How to open a personal bank account in UAE for citizens and residents

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Have you just been offered a new job and are you considering relocating to the United Arab Emirates? Do you prefer to purchase a home or rent one? In the United Arab Emirates, it is very necessary to establish a personal bank account for all of these reasons and more.

There are a multitude of advantages that come with having a personal bank account. In addition to ensuring the safety and security of your funds, having an account enables you to make direct deposits of your salary into a bank account, make payments on your rent and utility bills, and carry out a variety of other operations simultaneously.

Two types of accounts

Both a savings account and a current account are the two sorts of accounts that are available. For the purpose of storing your funds and earning interest on your amount, a savings account is a useful facility. A debit card and/or a credit card are also provided to you for use in making purchases and conducting transactions. You are able to make checks for transactions when you have a current account, and you also get a debit or credit card that you may use for your transactions.

In this section, we will guide you through the steps involved in establishing an account.

Keep in mind the following important things:

Before you begin the process of creating an account, you need first choose which financial institution you would want to create an account with. Find out the locations of the bank's branches, as well as the days and hours that they are open for business and the days that they are closed. It is in your best interest to remember to additionally verify the location of the automated teller machines (ATMs) that are located close to your place of employment or residence. In addition, look into whether or not the bank offers online and digital services.

The bank will need you to sign account agreements when you establish an account. Make sure you give your responsibilities some thought. It should be noted that the process of creating an account might take up to four business days to finish.

>> You will need to submit a number of papers in order to create an account. It is advisable to verify in advance with the bank the precise papers needed and the details they must include. You may have difficulties finishing the account opening processes if you do not have the necessary documentation and information. Don't forget to consult your bank beforehand.

Here are the basic documents that are required

  • Emirates ID
  • Passport copy in the absence of an Emirates ID
  • Current visa or some other proof of residency (UAE driving licence, UAE utility bill, tenancy contract, another bank statement, etc.)
  • A letter from your employer

Questions to pose

Inquire of the bank representative the following before choosing to create an account:

  • The ability to issue cheques
  • Rates of interest on savings accounts
  • Returned cheque fees
  • Overdraft privileges and related costs
  • Bank policy on holds on funds being deposited;
  • Access to foreign currency
  • Access to a debit card
  • Monthly and transaction fees
  • Minimum balance requirements
  • Cost for and ease of transfers of funds
  • Notice requirements to the branch for large withdrawals

Things to keep in mind

>> Should the bank provide you a debit card for your account, enquire about the maximum amount you may withdraw, the ATMs you can use to use the card, and any costs associated with using it.

When creating an account, one of the most important things to remember is to never give out your PIN (security number).

The Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates states that neither this material nor the facts it contains are meant to be used as legal advice. The consumer still has the responsibility to comprehend their responsibilities.

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