Dubai Police announces the rescue of a girl from a criminal who tried to exploit her electronically

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Dubai Police issued a new statement in which it announced that it had rescued a girl from a criminal who tried to exploit her electronically and was able to arrest him.

The Dubai Police Department has made an announcement regarding the successful rescue of a little child from a criminal who attempted to exploit her electronically.

A fresh statement was published by the Dubai Police in which it was revealed that they had saved a girl from a criminal who attempted to abuse her electronically and were able to arrest him. The announcement also stated that they had been able to arrest him.

Dubai Police rescues a girl from a blackmailer who promotes drugs on social media

A young woman was rescued by the Dubai Police from a man who was blackmailing her and promoting narcotics on social media, A young woman was rescued by the police in Dubai from the clutches of an electronic blackmailer who dealt drugs. He convinced her that purchasing electronic cigarettes through a social media network would bring about a sense of ease, and he used this deception to mislead her into making the purchase. The girl was using her smartphone to navigate through a social networking site as is customary for females her age, much like most of the other girls. Because the blackmailer has a way of finding teenage girls looking for the experience and how to influence them, she made the decision to go through with the experiment, and she contacted the advertiser. She was initially intrigued by an advertisement for electronic cigarettes, and the talk that they enhance the feeling of comfort because they contain an anesthetic solution that has a quick effect on her comfort and is not harmful further piqued her interest. During the course of the talk, he was able to determine her vulnerable areas as well as her coerced strategy regarding how to accept the cargo and make the payment. The young lady took advantage of the fact that her mother had to leave for work at an early hour in the morning in order to get the shipment of electronic cigarettes and begin using them. After a number of failed attempts, the girl's mother finally became aware of the predicament her daughter was in and phoned the police in Dubai to inquire about the girl's kidnapper. Even though he was out of the country at the time, the authorities were keeping an eye out for him, and they were able to save the girl from him.

Dubai Police warns against criminals exploiting social media networks

The Dubai Police are warning members of the public about criminals using social media networks, Assistant Commander-in-Chief for Criminal Investigation Affairs at the Dubai Police, Major General Expert Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri, issued a warning against criminal networks using social media applications and websites to promote drugs. He also emphasized that the General Department of Narcotics Control in Dubai is working around the clock to deal with the criminal methods used in various crimes, despite the fact that criminal gangs must constantly develop their methods, which requires them to constantly adapt. He urged the general people to ignore any communications they receive that promote illegal drugs, to report them right away, to block the sender's phone number, and to connect with him or her as soon as possible. With Dubai Police, either by using the toll-free call center 901 or by using the electronic crime platform "E Crime" supplied by Dubai Police through its smart application or website. Both of these options are available free of charge.

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