Dubai announces roads improvement , cutting traffic by over 50% in key areas

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A road renovation project has been finished by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) of Dubai.

This will help with traffic flow and provide better service to the nearby residential districts, which are seeing significant rates of population increase.

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has successfully concluded the Algeria Street Improvement Project, aimed at enhancing traffic flow and meeting the needs of rapidly growing residential areas. Spanning 2 km, the project covers the stretch from the intersection of Algeria Street and Al Khawaneej Street (South) to the intersection of Tunis Street (North) at Al Muhaisnah (1) and Al Mizhar (1).

The key aspects of the project involve widening Algeria Street from its intersection with Street 11 near Al Khawaneej Street to the intersection with Tunis Street, as well as Streets 27 and 31. This expansion increases the number of lanes on Algeria Street from two to three in each direction, boosting the road's capacity from 6,000 to 9,000 vehicles per hour in both directions. The transformation of the existing roundabout into a signaled junction facilitates left turns, serving the residential communities of Muhaisnah and Al Mizhar.

In addition to road enhancements, the project introduces cycling tracks and designated pedestrian zones along Algeria Street. These improvements, spanning from Street 11 to Street 27 on the left side and from Street 27 to Tunis Street on the right side, contribute to overall road quality.

The project's positive impact is evident in the significant reduction of travel times during peak hours. The journey from Al Khawaneej Street to Tunis Street, which previously took 15 minutes, now only takes 7 minutes, representing a remarkable 50% reduction.

A service road connecting Streets 27 and 31 has been paved along both sides of Algeria Street, which is an additional development. To further improve accessibility and convenience, there are parallel parking places for villas on both sides, as well as angle parking near the intersection of Algeria Street with Streets 27 and 31.

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