Dubai announces good news for all citizens and residents

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Dubai announced a number of good news for citizens and residents, as follows:

Dubai is continuing to strengthen its position as a global center for one of the new and creative and creative sectors, which is in line with the ambitious goals that were established by the "Dubai Economic Agenda D33." These goals include consolidating Dubai's position among the three best economic cities in the world and becoming a global capital of creative economic activities.

Dubai aspires to become the primary axis of this promising industry, and a model destination for the leading international companies in it, as well as the most prominent international digital games and sports activities. Due to the fact that the "digital sports and electronic games sector" is experiencing rapid growth in both the region and the world, Dubai is aiming to become the center of this sector.

Dubai is dependent on many ingredients that enhance its confidence in reaching its goals, through its capabilities, ingredients, and sophisticated infrastructure, which is one of the most important elements. One of the foundations upon which this endeavor is based is the ambitious vision of making Dubai the best city in the world for living, working, and visiting. This vision is one of the foundations. When it comes to supporting economic activities, particularly those that are associated with the creative economy, which is built on the highly dependent understanding of technology, Dubai was the pioneer in developing its infrastructure from a very young age.

For the purpose of expanding this industry, Dubai has supplied an excellent technical system, an appropriate platform, and a strong technological infrastructure. It is anticipated that within the next few years, this sector will become a substantial contributor to the local gross domestic product.

Meanwhile, retail shops in Sharjah and Dubai saw increased sales on a variety of fruits and vegetables, with most of the sales centered around products made in the UAE.

The officials in charge of the stores and "cooperatives" said that the many local variety were the reason for these deals, and they also mentioned that the general quantity of supply in the marketplaces helped keep prices stable.

Meanwhile, after the close of trade yesterday, the Dubai Financial Market had reached its highest levels in nine years, continuing a string of consecutive sessions of advances. With a rise from 711.55 billion dirhams at the session's end the day before to 718.54 billion dirhams yesterday, its market capitalization was around 6.99 billion dirhams; in comparison, the market capitalization of the Abu Dhabi Securities Market reached approximately 2.89 trillion dirhams.

Liquidity drew over 1.42 billion dirhams worth of local shares, with 1.027 billion dirhams traded on the Abu Dhabi market and 390.82 million dirhams traded on the Dubai market.

With an increase of 1.23%, the Dubai General Market Index reached its highest level since the end of April 2015, finishing at 4220.35 points, the highest level since mid-September. The index gained 51.27 points.

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