Dubai Airport issues an important statement to travelers regarding the delay of some international flights

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In view of the fact that several foreign flights have been delayed, Dubai Airport has issued a statement that is very relevant to visitors.

The dense fog that has blanketed Delhi has caused flights to the United Arab Emirates to be delayed.

The airport has issued a warning to travelers advising them to "contact the airline concerned for updated flight information."

On Wednesday morning, the Delhi-National Capital Region was engulfed in a dense layer of fog, which made vision difficult.

On Wednesday, Delhi Airport issued a passenger caution that stated, "While landing and takeoffs continue at Delhi Airport, flights that are not CAT III compliant may get affected." This was done in light of the fact that the airport was experiencing the same situation.

It is suggested that passengers get in touch with the airline in question in order to obtain the most recent flight information. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Weather causes delays in some flights at Dubai Airport.

There are some flights at Dubai Airport that are delayed due to the weather.

According to the most recent information that can be found on the website of Delhi Airport, the following flights to the United Arab Emirates have been impacted:

Taking the G9 464 from Delhi to Sharjah is Saudi Arabian Airlines.Flight EK 513 from Delhi to Dubai for EmiratesFor flights from Delhi to Abu Dhabi, Etihad Airways, EY 211AI 929 departs from Delhi and flies to Dubai.Spicejet flight number SG 011 from Delhi to DubaiThe Air India Express, IX 135, travels from Delhi to Sharjah.Flydubai, FZ 442, is the flight from Delhi to Dubai.Numerous images have shown people gathered around bonfires in various parts of Delhi in an effort to stay warm.

When speaking to ANI, a resident of the Red Fort region noted the difficulties that people are experiencing as a result of the fact that buses are running late and, in certain areas, public vehicles are not even available due to the cold weather.

According to a merchant who spoke with ANI, "We are resorting to bonfires in order to keep ourselves warm, and this cold will continue until February." Customers are not coming into my shop because of the thick fog," he went on to further explain.

A situation quite similar to this one was observed earlier on Tuesday, when dense fog covered the nation's capital as well as wide swaths of North India. This fog had a considerable influence on visibility and caused flight and train services to become disorganized.

According to a message that was published on the official X handle of the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), there were reports of extremely intense fog in certain areas of Punjab, Haryana, Northwest Rajasthan, and eastern Uttar Pradesh.

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