airline company announces price reductions for flights tickets from UAE .. Details

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Price reductions for travel tickets between the United Arab Emirates and Pakistan have been announced by a new airline business

It is expected that the cost of flying between the United Arab Emirates and Pakistan would decrease as a result of the announcement made by Fly Jinnah, the low-cost carrier of Pakistan, that it will begin operations to connect the two nations.

airline company announces price reductions for flights tickets from UAE

On February 17, Fly Jinnah will begin offering twice daily direct flights between Islamabad and Sharjah. This will provide Pakistani people living in the United Arab Emirates with an extra option to select from when looking for a trip back to their home country.

When the website of the airline was reviewed on Friday, it displayed a roundtrip cost of Dh1,018. The flight would depart from Sharjah to Islamabad on February 17 and return on February 27. When compared to the prices of some of the other airlines that operate on the same routes on those days, this is around Dh100 less expensive.

Passengers are only allowed to bring 10 kilogrammes of hand luggage on board because it is a low-cost airline. They will, however, be responsible for paying for any excess luggage as well as meals.

The South Asian route, which has not been very well supplied, will see an increase in competition as a result of this. As a result, airfares are on the higher side due to demand exceeding supply, particularly during peak seasons.

Approximately 1.7 million Pakistani people are now residing and working in the United Arab Emirates. At the United Arab Emirates, they are the second biggest community.

There are now five domestic locations that Fly Jinnah serves, and they are Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, and Quetta.

At the moment, direct flights between the United Arab Emirates and Pakistan are operated by Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), Airblue, Emirates of Dubai, Air Arabia of Sharjah, and Etihad Airways of Abu Dhabi.

The existing fleet of Fly Jinnah aircraft was expanded with the addition of two additional Airbus A320 aircraft, increasing the total number of aircraft to five planes. A free in-flight streaming service known as "SkyTime" is also included aboard the aircraft. This service gives passengers the ability to stream a broad variety of entertainment straight to their electronic devices within the aircraft.

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