Abu Dhabi International Airport to transfer all airlines to Terminal A on November 15

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As on November 1, travelers can use the airport's newest facility, facility A. Terminal A's operations will be shared with Terminals 1, 2, and 3 until November 14. After that day, airlines will stop using Terminal B. As Nearby the station, travelers will find all the comforts they may possibly need.

Preparation and Awareness Campaign

Abu Dhabi Airports has spared no effort in making sure Terminal A is operational smoothly. As part of these initiatives, a public awareness campaign has been launched to equip airport visitors and passengers with essential knowledge.

Before picking up or dropping off passengers at the Abu Dhabi airport between November 1 and 14, passengers are advised to check with their airlines to confirm their terminal. This preventative measure is made to ease the transition and lessen the likelihood of misunderstandings.

New Terminal Location and Accessibility

The exact location of Terminal A has been incorporated into popular navigation apps like Google Maps and Waze, ensuring passengers can easily find their way. The terminal is readily accessible by car from Abu Dhabi and Dubai, with clear highway signage along the E10 and E11 routes. For those relying on taxis or public transport, they can conveniently be dropped off directly at the new terminal.

Increased Capacity

Terminal A, as stated by Abu Dhabi Airports' Chief Operating Officer, Frank McCrorie, will greatly increase the airport's capacity. The airport has grown and developed in response to passenger needs, and this extension reflects that.

Shuttle Buses for Inter-Terminal Travel

To facilitate quick movement between terminals, the airport operator has introduced inter-terminal shuttle buses. These buses are a practical solution for passengers who need to transition between terminals for connecting flights or other purposes.

The introduction of Terminal A is a significant step forward for Abu Dhabi International Airport, boosting its operational capabilities and enhancing the travel experience for passengers. With advanced facilities and a focus on reducing confusion through awareness campaigns, the transition is expected to be smooth and beneficial for all travelers.

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